Getting to Riomaggiore and Manarola by boat is absolutely possible and seeing them for the first time from the sea has an undoubted charm.

You can get a ferry of the Golfo dei Poeti Navigation service, operating during the day from March to October and with fixed timetables and rates you can check on their website, or you can book a local private service such the following ones:


Davide – Cinque Terre Adventure

Francesco – Cinque Terre dal Mare

Mattia – Cinque Terre from the sea

Yuri – Getaway boat tour

Raphael – Cinque Terre boat tour

Steven – Stella boat tour

Martha – Banzai Cinque Terre

Luca – Il gavitello


Daniele – Enjoy Cinque Terre

Edo e Lorenzo – 5 Terre Pelagos

Cristiano – San Giorgio Boat

Dario – Rayo Verde Tour

Eugenio – BB Cinque Terre

Daniele – Terredamare

* If you decide to get here by boat, we advise against rigid suitcases, but this actually applies to any kind of transportation and stay in Cinque Terre!