A temporary page to update you on the local situation regarding Covid-19.

Everyday life in Cinque Terre

The five villages have undertaken phase 2 by adopting all the necessary and indicated measures: social distancing and use of personal protective devices in all environments that involve the presence of several people, from means of transport to commercial, health and social-health establishments.

As elsewhere, in public places or indoors, the interpersonal distance must be at least one meter, wearing a mask and resorting to frequent hand hygiene and in any case always entering commercial activities and public places.

Public transport

Public transport – trains and buses – are in service and apply all the rules relating to social distancing and sanitation.


 The beaches are open and accessible.

At least for the month of June, there will be no need to book in advance, but of course, you will have to comply with the rules on social distancing.
All Saturdays and Sundays beaches will be supervised in both marinas in Riomaggiore and Manarola, from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and, always on weekends, the SpiaggiaTi app will be operational, allowing you to check available spots in real-time.

In Monterosso, in addition to the private equipped beaches, free beaches are also accessible, through the booking system on the Pro Loco website. Always on their site, you will find useful complementary information and any updates.

In Vernazza and Corniglia at the moment there is no special regulation in this regard.

Hiking and other tourist experiences

Paths are accessible and all the general rules foreseen for this phase must be respected. The Cinque Terre Card was reactivated on June 13th and the Park has resumed guided excursions, requiring a mandatory advance booking via e-mail.

All those activities aimed at offering you authentic experiences are also operational: tastings, vineyards tours, boat tours, etc.

Restaurants, bars and shops

The commercial activities are open, obviously in compliance with current regulations, which we invite you to respect to ensure the best experience for all users of these services and for those who work there.

The choice is wide in each village and staying a little longer you can fully enjoy them and deepen for example the knowledge of local delicacies and culinary traditions. It is definitely worth it.