Guided tours of the Hermitage of the Maddalena in Monterosso

Guided tours of the Hermitage of the Maddalena in Monterosso

The Hermitage of Maddalena is a historic residence immersed in an olive grove overlooking the sea in the Cinque Terre National Park, just over 3 km from the village of Monterosso.

Guided tours of the Hermitage of the Maddalena in Monterosso

The Hermitage of the Maddalena, mentioned in historical archive documents since 1244, is composed of a monastic complex with a cloister with semicircular arches and a small church with a single rectangular hall, made of sandstone, and dedicated to San Lorenzo in Terriccio.

In 1327 the monastery, then in a state of neglect, was entrusted by the community of Monterosso to Fra Bartolomeo da Vicenza to maintain and renovate it.

By the will of Sixtus IV, from 1478, the Hermitage of the Maddalena was then placed under the protection of the Benedictine congregation of Santa Giustina in Padua. It hosted the Benedictine monks from the monastery of San Gerolamo della Cervara in Portofino.

Today it is renowned for the evocative ceremonies with a view that are organized there during the summer and for the rooms with ribbed vaults obtained in the ancient cells on the upper floor of the structure—an ideal vacation spot for those who want refinement, peace, and a pinch of charm.

Guided tours of the Hermitage of the Maddalena in Monterosso

The Eremo della Maddalena is now part of the Associazione Nazionale Dimore Storiche (i.e. National Historic Houses Association), a non-profit organization operating throughout the Italian territory, which guarantees its maintenance and promotion.

On 14th, 21st, and 28th July, it will be possible to discover this corner of paradise in the heart of the Cinque Terre. Three unique opportunities to fully appreciate its medieval architecture and history, with a local guide who will lead visitors through the church, study, cloister, kitchen, and cellars.

To be booked in advance by contacting the Hermitage, the visit will end in the vineyard overlooking the sea, with a wine tasting of the renowned local Cinque Terre DOC.

* the copyright of the photographs published in this post belongs to the Eremo della Maddalena

Visit a vineyard and taste wine in Riomaggiore

The oenological Possa experience in Riomaggiore

The Cinque Terre are also their vines and their wine and in every village there are heroic farmers who with passion and determination carry on the tradition of our ancestors.

A visit to our region should therefore never end without visiting our vineyards, tasting our wines, and meeting the winemakers to whom we owe tradition and preservation of the renowned terraces of the Cinque Terre and our dry stone walls.

The oenological Possa experience in Riomaggiore

Among the many great wine experiences you should try when visiting Cinque Terre, the first one we present you is that offered by Possa in Riomaggiore and by its passionate owner, Heidi Bonanini.

The oenological Possa experience in Riomaggiore

The Possa farm, taking its name from the Possaitara valley in Riomaggiore, offers a daily wine experience: two hours with the winemaker, to discover the history, peculiarities, and beauty of his vineyard overlooking the sea, learn techniques and curiosities and taste a selection of wines and typical products in the cellar, in the heart of the village.

  • Where: in Riomaggiore – meeting at the Info Point of the Cinque Terre Park in Lavaccio
  • When: every day, booking via mail  or calling +39 348 316 2470
  • Duration: about two hours
  • Price: € 45 per person (visit to the vineyard and cellar, tasting and transportation to and from the vineyard to the village included)

Cinque Terre wine

In addition to the Sciacchetrà, and to a selection of wines from the cellar, you will also taste the Cinque Terre DOC wine. The local DOC obviously follows specific procedures and codes you will discover in detail during the experience, but let’s sum them up.

It must have a more or less intense straw yellow color, must be sapid, dry and pleasant on the palate, with an intense, persistent and fine olfactory profile and must be produced from the following vines: Bosco for a minimum of 40%, Albarola and/or Vermentino for a maximum of 40 % and other grape varieties of the same color authorized for the Liguria region, which, however, must never exceed 20%.


Vino delle Cinque Terre

Sciacchetrà is our most precious nectar, the sweet wine of the Cinque Terre. Sung in the lyrics of Petrarca, Boccaccio, Pascoli, and D’Annunzio it is also a tradition and a tale of our environment and its inhabitants.

Origins and production of the Sciacchetrà

For the locals, the name is the result of the fusion of sciacca, crush, and trai, pull away, to describe the two consecutive operations of pressing and extracting the must, not lingering in the vat when it comes to the Sciacchetrà.

For some scholars and winemakers, it would derive instead from the Greek shekar, or fermented drink. The origins date back to the first inhabitants of Riomaggiore and to the drying technique they imported from Greece.

The production specification establishes that Sciacchetrà is mainly produced with the three grape varieties of Bosco (minimum 40%), Vermentino and/or Alabarola (maximum 40%), and a possible contribution of a maximum of 20% of other varieties. The minimum alcohol is 17% of which at least 13.5% played.

The best bunches are used for the production of Sciacchetrà, left to dry until late winter on special racks placed in the shade in ventilated places. The grapes are then de-stemmed, crushed, and separated from the skins, with a yield ranging from 30 to 35% maximum compared to that of “normal” wine. Once bottled, it is kept lying down, between 10 and 15 degrees.

The sweet wine of the Cinque Terre is golden yellow in the first two or three years, but then begins to tend to amber and if aged, starting from the twenties, tends to brown, with reflections on the reds.

How to drink it

Sciacchetrà is served at a temperature of 14 degrees, in small and flared glasses, with a high stem, and is perfect to accompany Ligurian desserts and dry pastries, but if aged it is an excellent meditation wine and is also ideal for accompanying full-bodied and strong cheeses.

By sniffing it you can feel the apricot and savoring notes of dried fruit and a hint of salt. Little tannic, it is not too sweet and the alcohol content is not too strong.

Our advice? Visit the Cinque Terre vineyards and cellars, take time to meet our producers and chat with them, taste their wines, and ask to taste their Sciacchetrà and maybe take a bottle home. An authentic and complete experience and concrete support for our land.