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2022 08 08 ART FESTIVAL

Second event of the Cinque Terre Art Festival with the Ligurian Public Theater.
Monday, August 8, 9 p.m. – Punta Bonfiglio Manarola

Mario Incudine and Antonio Vasta: Baiardo and Brigliadoro, horses and paladins from the Opra dei Pupi
The paladins of France in Sicily met the Pupi and never left. From square to square, before the people and the nobles, numerous storytellers a thousand and one times over the centuries have opened the painted placard and begun to tell the stories of the knights of France. Mario Incudine and Antonio Vasta, between words and music, pay homage to the tradition of their homeland. In their show, the exploits of the paladins of France are told through the eyes of the steeds, who are also on the front lines along with the heroes they carry on their backs and whose destiny they share: Baiardo is Rinaldo’s horse, Brigliadoro Rinaldo’s.

Free Entrance

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