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The festival dedicated to dialect songs returns to Riomaggiore!

From August 19 to 21, appointment in the Cinque Terre village with the third edition of the Rimazû Folk Festival – Sounds and Voices between Liguria and the Mediterranean.


    9 p. m. in the enchanting setting of the terrace of Riomaggiore Castle with the Padua Guitar Quartet, which will present a program specially designed for the festival, entitled “¡Cómo resuena la mar esta noche!” Music and dance around the Mediterranean.
    11 A. M. – The festival will move into the streets and among the people with Sciaàtu ‘nti carugi, traveling stornelli through the most picturesque corners of the village and stopping in the cellars of Riomaggiore winemakers specially opened for the occasion. The start is in front of the Loggia di Banchi in central Via Colombo, and during the morning there will be live links with Radio Skylab Varazze by Stefano Pastorino and Donatella Durando, who will also be the official presenter of all events.
    9 P.M. – The traditional concert featuring the best of Ligurian dialect song in Piazza del Vignaiolo. Doing the honors will be the Riomaggiorese band Grandi & fanti, who wanted to gather around them the many friends who will take the stage: Andrea Facco, Attilio Valeri, Audiovirale, Gnachi & fürbe, Mandillä, Maz Vilander & Makadam Zena, Renzo Graglia, u Cantautupittu, u Carbun & de Januaicans. Once again this year, the piece that is deemed most capable of embodying the spirit of the festival will be awarded a special prize given by the artistic direction.
    9 p. m. – Piazza del Vignaiolo, the festival will close with Dezandia de ŝtria!, a concert by Grandi & fanti, who will be accompanied on stage by Genoese rapper Mike fc. The hosts will present to their audience the new song Lamacrexa, winner of the Elmo Bazzano award for scenic impact and consistency in the relationship between lyrics and music at the last Ligurian Language Song Festival. Through a special commemorative T-shirt, moreover, the ten-year anniversary of Vega vughina, the first piece specially written for the band and a true manifesto of its poetics, will be commemorated.
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